In February 2021, AISP responded to the federal Advisory Committee on Data for Evidence Building’s (ACDEB) request for comments on “how to facilitate data sharing, data linkage, and privacy enhancing techniques in support of evidence building.” Our recommendations include considerations for capacity building and coordination across federal agencies, as well as for capacity building at the state and local levels.

It is our hope that the comments will contribute to a robust federal strategy that promotes the responsible sharing and use of data at all levels of government, and we look forward to the continued work of the ACDEB to…

By: Emily Berkowitz & Matthew Katz

In 2020, the United States has seen devastating health and economic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, a historically destructive wildfire season on the West Coast, and one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. Crises like these historically cause the greatest harm to the most under-resourced groups in society. Without ample government support directed intentionally to those experiencing the most need, increased inequality resulting from natural disasters or health emergencies will continue to worsen.

Use of cross-sector administrative data can be a key tool for identifying effective crisis responses that meet the needs of…

By Emily Berkowitz & Matthew Katz

This blog was updated on November 18, 2020. It is the first of a two-part series on administrative data reuse for crisis response and recovery. Read part 2 here:

As COVID-19 continues to create life-changing impacts, interventions that respond to the increasingly complex and interconnected needs of individuals, families, and communities are acutely needed. Effects of the crisis cut across services and sectors, disproportionately impacting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)[1] communities and thwarting progress toward more equitable economic mobility.[2]

COVID-19 has revealed long-time structural inequities already faced by BIPOC in the…

Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP)

At AISP, we help state and local governments collaborate and responsibly use data to improve lives.

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